It’s been a few weeks…

  • I went camping at Lake Ozette with my wife the weekend before last. I brought the kayaks, and the weather was perfect. We also hiked out to Cape Alava, the tide was super low when we got out there, you could almost walk out to the big rock that is just off the shore.
  • My wife and I went up to Seattle on Sunday. Met some friends at Sea Wolf bakery and had delicious pastries. I got some of their sourdough starter. My plan is to get it going alongside my existing starter, and then make two batches of demi baguettes and try them side-by-side. After that I will mix them together.

In pdf benchmarker open source project

  • This morning I carved the 4.05 GB Docker container down to about 800 MB. Still pretty big, but also a big improvement. I plan to hack on it some more to see how much smaller I can get it.
  • Dig some small work to clean up the codebase.


  • Moved on to Season 43 of Survivor

Job Search

  • Interviews feel like they are generally going well 🤞
  • Many recruiter talks, feels like a part-time job.