• Still going mostly without coffee, except for a very good spring latte at Ember Goods during the Olympia Art Walk ☕.
  • First interview on Friday, two more this next week 🤞

In deeplearning.ai and pdf benchmarker open source project

  • Added a LlamaParse scraper. Output to Markdown was very nice, handled tables well. Learnings
  • Completed the Terraform module in the DevOps for Developers course on Educative.io.

  • Had started hatching a 5-year plan a couple weeks ago, and spent some time this week honing in on the first year. It’s against my nature to do long-term planning, but I’m pushing myself to do it. As I get more into it, the more I am enjoying it. This is what I am thinking for the next year:
    • Focus on learning and building AI Engineering projects. I have been using this post on AI Engineering to guide my thinking around it. Essentially, it is about a new class of software engineers that are focused on using AI tools and API’s to build applications.
    • AI tools I’m currently interested in and trying out are AutoGen (agents), Unstructured, Instructor, and LangChain. I’ve been tinkering with AutoGen lately and it’s blowing my mind a bit.
    • Thinking about how I can become a successful individual consultant. Trying to hone in on what could be my “services”. I’ve been very interested in Dagger for CI/CD pipelines, so I plan to use it for any side-projects to try it out. It appeals to be because not locked into vendor, can use it everywhere (including locally).


  • Season 42 of Survivor
  • Most recent episode of Survivor
  • Most recent episode of The Amazing Race