• I’ve been going without coffee all week, having a couple cups of matcha instead. Thought I’d have some caffeine withdrawals, but I was totally fine. Less overall anxiety, probably the only thing I get anxious about is resisting coffee itself. There are little moments when I want a cup of coffee mostly for comforting reasons, like when driving, that are the hardest to resist.
  • Chatted with some recruiters, a couple conversations scheduled this next week.
  • Dropped my wife off at the airport early Friday morning, she comes back this coming Thursday. She’ll be in Phoenix then Tucson, visiting friends and family.
  • Switched to a paper bullet journal this week for day-to-day stuff. My organizational tools are up in the air at the moment, and I find it grounding to use a notebook for now.

In deeplearning.ai and pdf benchmarked

  • Finished the “Preprocessing Unstructured Data for LLM Applications” course https://www.deeplearning.ai/short-courses/preprocessing-unstructured-data-for-llm-applications/. Applicable to much that I will do in the future (resume + job description = custom resume for example).
  • I’m part of an inaugural cohort of folks in an effort that DLAI has put together to help people put the skills that they are learning into open source projects.
    • Working in 4 weeks sprints
    • In a group working on a PDF benchmarking tool to evaluate how well different PDF scraping tools work for RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) apps
    • I started out by building a Python Click application that has an extendable plugin system so that anyone can add new tools to evaluate.
    • Towards the end of the week, I started working with Microsoft’s AutoGen project for building AI agent systems. Successfully build a prototype where I half half a dozen agents working together, some using tools, to do accomplish different parts of task. This involved reading files, summarizing, and comparing texts and pdfs. Super excited about AutoGen!


  • Last two episodes of The Last Airbender
  • Most recent episode of Survivor
  • Most recent episode of The Amazing Race