I’ve been working on making Drafts the central component to my workflow. Today I went to the Drafts directory to look for an Action to send link to Raindrop (where I store bookmark links), and found that there wasn’t one. I decided it was time to create my first custom Action, which turned out to be pretty easy.

Drafts Actions are written in JavaScript, which I’m no expert at. I know I could have coupled it together anyway, but I didn’t really want to spend that much time on it, so ChatGPT to the rescue. I read this blog post by Simon Willison a while ago, where he talked about how ChatGPT make him more ambitios. Project ideas that he wouldn’t have bothered with because they’d take a day or more, not get knocked down to an hour or less with the help of ChatGPT.

In the past, I likely wouldn’t have bothered building something like a Drafts Action. I could have managed it, even with only rudimentatry knowledge of JavaScript, but I would have needed to look every little bit up, and troubleshoot errors. It would have been terribly tedious. Now something like this is super quick and easy.

If this Drafts to Raindrop Action is of any use to others, it can be found here.